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Believe in the Power of Service. & Let’s work together to grow this District! 
April 2017
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We welcome spring with more new Lions. At the end of March, the District membership was +27. Congratulations as District 22D expands its ability to serve. There was a membership summit held March 25th. A lot of good information was shared between Lions of 22D and Lions of 22B. The Leader Dog programs were held March 27th and 28th. Our guest speaker for both programs was Jeff Hawkins with his leader dog Gracie. Jeff’s story of life being renewed by having a leader dog was very inspirational and reminded us all how our donations to the leader dog facility in Rochester Hills Michigan are so meaningful. The 4th cabinet meeting was held April 2d at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover. The attendance was excellent and we were honored by the presence of ID Richard Liebno and his wife Lion Grace. It was the final cabinet meeting of the Lion Year 2016-2017. I appreciated the Region Chair reports and those given by committee chairpersons for District 22D. On a personal note. I participated in the Roaring Lions Program this year conducted by PCS Joan Bestpitch. It’s a good program and I encourage Lions of 22D to take the course next year. You will be a more confident person for having done so. Thank you, PCS Joan. The Delaware Lion Foundation Walk and picnic will be held in Rehoboth on April 23d. Thank you to Lions Ed and Delores Springer for your continued leadership with the DLF Walk. Please try to attend the Lions orientation program being held in Dover on April 29th. The class is being conducted by PDG Cheryl Jones and PDG Bob Jones. Please see the details in this month’s newsletter. Believe in the Power of Service DG Glenn