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Believe in the Power of Service. & Let’s work together to grow this District! 
September 2016
Welcome Lions, Leos, and friends of District 22D, The Month of August passed by so quickly. It was a very productive month for our District. The first Cabinet Meeting was held August 14, 2016. On August 24th the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Meeting was held at the Modern Maturity Center. I was very pleased with the turnout and the enthusiasm. It was my honor to introduce the Region and Zone Chairs. I appreciate what they have done. Many have already conducted or have scheduled their first meetings. This is where a lot of district work gets accomplished. Please support them and stay involved. Thank you to the chairper-sons who gave oral reports. Please plan on greeting our International President, Chancellor Bob Corlew and his wife Lion Dianne, on September 24, 2016 at the Bellevue State Park from          9:30 – 11:00am. I hope we can have a large number of Lions from 22D present. Information will be in the Newsletter and will be sent to each club. We are hoping to have the IP induct some new members. Children, family and friends are invited to participate. September is the start of my official club visitations. I look forward to meeting as many Lions in District 22D as possible. I want to know how the clubs are doing and serving their communities. Please take time to review the District activities listed in the news-letter. Our membership numbers are down through August. The clubs are starting to meet this month and I know the effort and desire is there to grow this District. Believe In the Power of Service! DG Glenn Williams
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